Estinext smart refrigerator

Ultimate connectivity

Estinext Internet of thing solution

Customer services

Location free and unlimited privilages


Control and monitor each device


Manage users of a device

Internet of things is the key

Recent technology market is growing faster than expectations and it leads manufacturers and product owners to modify their design which is very time consuming and challenging. Estinext provides the key part of product enhancement ready to use and qualified to equip any product by Internet of things. The main privilege of Estinext IoT solution get to the access it gives to third-party companies which makes every device under control and each manufacturer can easily manage devices and customers. The connectivity is just the beginning of Internet of things and in a brief we have made it to the end

Customer service

Platform for B2B parties

Do not worry about customer services by adding IoT(Internet of Things) anymore! By Estinext after-sale platform each service request could track and monitor contentiously. you can benefit worldwide services by using thousand of experts to take care of it as repairman, provide spare part and satisfy users by immediate response to their request. All these great features offered on Estinext to guarantee succus and maximize efficiency.
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Device management platform

in product management

Control and monitor devices and users is something crucial for product owners in order to manage stability and users satisfaction. Estinext Internet of things has been provided a new platform which gives access of devices and users information dedicated to specific vendor, brand owner or manufacturer. In this way IoT third-parties could manage their own devices and train their support team inside of corporation in order to keep the quality service high and response rate low and perform better on their organization.

Estinext mobile application

User-Friendly Application

Our cell-phone application gives users distinguishing advantages such as easy device management, automation and having direct access to customer service with the following characteristics:

  • User-friendly

    very simple to use mobile application

  • Easy access


  • Safe and secured

    Security is our first priority

Best hardware design

by Estinext engineering team

  • Easy configuration

    3 steps add device just by scanning a QR Code labeled on product

  • Non stop working

    Trusted and experienced hardware which works non-stop

  • Safe and secured

    Secured in different levels will protect users and their privacy

Estinext  has developed one of the most sophisticated and advanced protocols of Internet of things to secure data and make a high quality online data streaming  offers a full range of electronics design in order to make a comprehensive, versatile and integrated product for you. We have different plans for customers to secure their success and competitive advantage. Estinext IoT solution is one of the most secured and experienced in the field and contentiously under development

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