Estinext smart refrigerator

Let’s freeze Smart :)

with Estinext smart refrigerator systems

Sophisticated Technology

make a difference in function

Easy Installation

Maximize the production capability

Compatible and versatile

with many types of fridge/freezers

Compatible with any type

Estinext has developed smart refrigerator electronics which cover almost all type of refrigerators. It would redesign according to your specification; This redesign includes IO modifications, Sockets and wiring, Ice maker and Water dispenser mechanism and of course board dimensions. Thanks to the general coding, it will takes a few minutes to adopt the software and make changes in algorithm and that is all.

  • Single fridge
  • Single freezer
  • Dual fridge freezer up/down
  • Twin fridge freezer
  • Side by side

Some of features

with Estinext smart refrigerator Control boards

Automated defrost

Water Dispenser

Automated Ice-maker

Display Panel

Inverter Compressor

Humidity control

Monitor your smart refrigerator

from anywhere in the world

Online monitoring is something that created for manufactures. By using Estinext smart home control panel, there is no worry for customer support, customer service and diagnose the system. Every product owner has its management panel to monitor devices and communicate with users directly.

Customer Service

Vendors can manage their warranty /guaranty services online to manage every single request for any devices

Device monitoring

Owner of device can monitor every detail of device and user information coherently and online.

Automated diagnose

A new built-in diagnose system has deployed and every repairman can detect the problems in a few clicks.

Smart Refrigerator Products